Mist-lining technique

Over the last 30 years, SRAL has treated a considerable number of paintings from divers collections using this method. The Mist-Lining system strengthens canvas paintings while preserving their original structures, ensuring integrity and authenticity. It's versatile, catering to both classical and contemporary artworks' structural needs. By customizing treatments, it integrates seamlessly into conservation campaigns. 

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An evolving system

Initially unnamed, Mist-Lining earned its title due to the mist-like application of adhesive. It's adaptable, with variables like lining fabrics, pressure control, adhesive thickness, and solvent selection. Expertly combining these elements, along with pre-treatments, is essential for effective Mist-Lining. 
In essence, the Mist-Lining system consists of the following three elements: 
1. Minimal amounts of acrylic dispersion adhesive, sprayed only to a raised nap of the lining textile. 
2. Solvent reactivation of the dry adhesive using a minimal amount of an appropriate solvent. 
3. A low-pressure envelope capable of conforming to the two surfaces (front and rear) and drawing the two canvases together while the adhesive cures. 

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The adhesive review at SRAL tracks the technique's history and guides future advancements. Adhesive selection is a strength yet also a weakness. The ability to apply a thin, effective layer is a key advantage, but the need for frequent formulation updates is a drawback. Decades of research have improved re-lining, especially for wax-resin lined paintings, but further discoveries are anticipated.

A global interest

Over the past thirty years, the Mist-Lining system has matured and evolved, benefiting from practitioners' growing expertise and widespread dissemination. The process has been refined to accommodate new insights into paintings' behavior and properties. Implementing Mist-Lining requires a nuanced understanding to make informed decisions. Currently, the system is gaining recognition worldwide, with alumni from diverse countries including Australia, the United States, Mexico, India, Italy, Poland, the Netherlands, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Finland, Germany, South Africa, South Korea, and more. 

Services & Workshops 

Benefit from 30+ years of expertise in Mist-Lining treatments by the SRAL team. Our conservators offer tailored solutions, ensuring a holistic approach with minimal intervention. Consultations available at your studio or our Maastricht location. 
You can also join one of our Mist-Lining workshops to explore intricacies and develop problem-solving skills. Sessions are regularly held in Maastricht and abroad and listed on our agenda.
If you require a customized program, we also offer on-location sessions ranging from three-day introductions to comprehensive two-week programs. Costs are negotiable, and tailored resources are provided.  

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