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De-Mystifying Mist-Lining

De-Mystifying Mist-Lining


A Getty Foundation grant to Stichting Restauratie Atelier Limburg (SRAL) supported an advanced conservation workshop on mist lining, a minimally invasive technique developed to stabilize paintings on canvas. The workshop took place between March and July 2019 and was instructed by Kate Seymour, Jos van Och,  and assisted by Bascha Stabik and Joanna Strombek at SRAL. Invited speakers during the plenary session were Gwendoline R. Fife (SRAL), Tannar Ruuben (Metroplia University of Applied Sciences, Helsinki), Matteo Rossi Doria (Conservazione Beni Culturali, Rome) and Dr. J.A. (Hans) Poulis (Technical University Delft). The SRAL workshop assistants were Lauren ten Wolde and Charlotte Hagendorn. Sixteen trainees were selected to attend the workshop, which consisted of a one week plenary session followed by four two week residencies for smaller groups. The trainees came from museum conservation studios, training institutions for conservators and private practice. A global representation was achieved.

Conserving Canvas is an international grant initiative of the Getty Foundation begun in 2018 that aims to ensure that critical conservation skills needed to care for paintings on canvas do not disappear. Conserving Canvas helps conservators remain fully prepared to care for these important works of art through a combination of training activities and information dissemination.



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