Group portrait by Rotius from Castle Groot Buggenum te Grathem

In Castle Groot Buggenum te Grathem there hangs a beautiful 17th century group portrait of the de Jager family. The piece is dated 1647, attributed to Jan Albertsz.Rotius (1624-1666), a painter active mainly in the northern Netherlands. The portrait is painted in oil on panel in a landscape format of 193.6 x 116.0 cm. On loan from the RCE, this painting has hung since 1993 in the main hall of the castle.

The treatment involved releasing the jammed cradle on the reverse of the panel and aesthetic treatment of the front. The varnish showed strong wrinkling and many old retouches were disturbingly discoloured. After the removal of the old varnish and overpaint a new varnish layer was applied and the damages and abrasions of the paint layer were retouched using stable materials


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