Outdoor sculptures

Sculptures situated outdoors, next to a building, on a square or in a park, demand special attention. Unlike artworks which are kept indoors, sculptures located outside are continously exposed to sun, rain and temperature changes and further they suffer damages (bicycles ,dogs, graffiti, etc.). Artworks intended to be exhibited outdoors are produced so that, provided regular maintenance, they can last for years. After fifteen to twenty years, however, they often require a more substantial treatment such as applying a new coat of paint on the painted metal sculptures or an additional topcoat to fibreglass artworks.

SRAL has experience with contemporary outdoor sculptures, examines the history of the work, the local risks of damage and decay, and plays an advisory role in the decision making process before a treatment is implemented. Regular maintenance as well as more invasive procedures are performed in collaboration with specialists from industrial and manufacturing firms. If at all possible we involve the artists during the important moments of choice.

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