Modern and contemporary art

Conservation and restoration of modern and contemporary art is a separate specialisation within the field. From the 20th century onwards, artists use almost anything to make art, from paint to junk, from newspapers to plastic toys. But also parts of machinery, light, sound and smell are employed. Besides all the new materials, the meaning of the artwork and the intention of the artist play a crucial role. To gain insight into the artist's work it is of great interest to interview the artist. In addition, knowledge of the specific history of a work of art and the mode of manufacture, either by assistants or a contractor are important factors for guiding the decision-making regarding the restoration of modern art.

From research to restoration treatments on location
SRAL has great expertise in the field of restoring modern art. Examination prior to restoration provides new information about how the object was made, sometimes with exciting and surprising discoveries. The choice of a particular approach to treatment is discussed in advance with the owner and sometimes the artist, whereby the expected outcome of the restoration is mapped out. Depending on the object and the required treatment, restoration can be carried out on location.

Sometimes modern artworks are so large and complex that close collabortion with the artist or his studio, with restorers from other disciplines or industrial manufacturers is required. In such a case SRAL organises and supervises the entire project.


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