Studio facilities

Fully equipped for restoration treatments
The workshops in the Wiebengahal in Maastricht are completely equipped for treating paintings on textile and wooden supports, polychrome sculpture and painted objects as well as modern and contemporary art. Parts of large interior ensembles from historic buildings are also treated here.

For technical examination
For the technical material examination of artwork, SRAL possesses microscopes, X- ray apparatus and equipment for infrared imaging.  In addition to this, two laboratories and a photographic studio are available for our restoration team. Further there is a studio where students can carry out treatment and examination of the objects allocated to them. 

In Maastricht and in Amsterdam
SRAL also has a studio in Amsterdam in order to co-ordinate projects in the west of the Netherlands. In Maastricht in the nearby Bonnefantenmuseum the SRAL has set up a large workshop where treatments can be carried out and viewed by the public. Here small presentations and exhibitions are organised about specific restoration treatments and historical artists' materials and techniques.


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