SRAL - The Conservation Institute

Through implementation, advice and training we ensure the preservation of heritage and works of art for future generations as well in museums as in churches and monuments, always considering the historical context, thereby fulfilling an important social task.

ATELIER Experts in Conservation - Restoration

We communicate our knowledge and experience through our hands. Our love for art and culture is as deep as our knowledge: from old masters to modern artworks, and from rich interiors to polychrome sculpture. In the SRAL Ateliers we conserve and restore with attention and precision, with respect for both original intention as well as the traces and influences of the past. We do this in our own workshops and those we create on location.
We master the art of conservation-restoration down to the smallest detail, beyond visibility to the naked eye. We actively involve our donors, from the public and private domain, and present the restoration profession to the wider public.

ACADEMY | Conservation - Restoration: A global discipline

Those dealing with art and heritage are exceptional professionals. They can not only estimate value, they can add it. They unravel the material history of irreplaceable works of art. They are conservator-restorers, researchers, trainers and advisors. They come together with our specialists in the SRAL Academy.
The SRAL Academy is a globally renowned knowledge partner. Through our connection to developments within the conservation and heritage field we enable international knowledge transfer. We provide lectures at an academic level at the University of Amsterdam, Maastricht University and beyond. Through research and technical development we contribute to new knowledge and skills. We know the latest techniques and materials and are connected to a worldwide network of educational institutions, heritage institutions, researchers and conservators. Here, academic knowledge and insightful practical experience come together in a unique way. With research, development and education, we lead our profession into the future both at home and abroad, whilst always maintaining special focus on our role within the Province of Limburg.

AGENCY | Connections and Outreach

By joining forces, we are able to handle complex issues. As affiliated conservation-restoration experts, we advise internally as well as externally. We actively contribute to public outreach because we aim to give the layman an insight into the interests of our profession. We are also a source of information, particularly within the structure of the Limburg Heritage Cooperation. Also through our standing within international groups, we are connected with current world-wide developments.
We provide customized advice: from mapping out the conditions of complete collections, to accompanying the preservation, restoration, loan or transport of a single work. We are both director and manager of cultural heritage restoration projects as well as the professional point of contact for the preservation of art objects.
As an active partner within the heritage field, we can source specific knowledge and link all associated parties.

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