SRAL35 Symposium


On 30 October, SRAL celebrated its 35th anniversary with a festive symposium dedicated to conservation. Over 120 guests from the heritage field came to the Bonnefanten auditorium to attend exciting lectures throughout the day.

In several lectures, the SRAL team showed how a crossover and interdisciplinary approach can be applied to (large-scale) projects. Conservators from three disciplines (modern art, historic interiors and painting conservation) kicked off the day with lectures in which they showed how they apply the Timeline as a tool for decision-making within their projects. Angelique Friedrichs gave a great example of this. Her lecture on the conservation of the vault paintings of the Valkhof Chapel in Nijmegen clearly showed how layered the decision-making process can be.

The contribution by Martin Frankort (external speaker, Chairman DCKK, Diocese of Roermond) was received with great interest. He spoke about a subject that is alive within the Roermond Diocese, but also in other ecclesiastical, municipal and provincial institutions dealing with collections. Drawing on his knowledge he took the participants through the ecclesiastical policy surrounding the retention or disposal of heritage assets.

During the lunch break, participants were given time to visit the Bonnefanten conservation studio and view conserved works from the Bonnefanten's collection. Luuk Hoogstede provided background information and expert knowledge.

A contribution that was felt to be particularly impressive was about SRAL XL - logistics on location. Nico van der Woude showed the audience how challenging it can be to work on (public) sites. With humour, he talked about working conditions you have to deal with as a conservator of historic interiors, such as curious tourists, opera singers and bats.

The series of lectures concluded with contributions that revolved around knowledge sharing and development. The importance of seeing knowledge not just as a one-way street but as a circular exchange was seen as inspiring impetus by many participants. 

In closing, we congratulated our current directors Lydia Beerkens and Frans Jeurissen on their one-year appointment.

The Symposium SRAL35 - In relatie tot restauratie was a great success. The day's integrated approach was particularly appreciated. The presentations by the rejuvenated team on recent and current projects, as well as working methods, showed that SRAL will continue to research, conserve and advise on the preservation of cultural heritage with passion and expertise for the next 35 years.

Thank you to all participants for this very inspiring day.


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