glimpse behind the scenes of Historic Interiors  

Nico van der Woude, conservator of Historic Interiors at SRAL, talks about the conservation at Fort benoorden Spaarndam. 
The fortress contains more than 230 mural drawings made by Dutch and German soldiers during the First and Second World Wars. Over the years, the fortress was used in many waysEach layer of drawings tells a story about the function and use of the building. The conservation that was supervised by Van der Woude and executed in collaboration with students from the University of Amsterdam and volunteers from the Krayenhoff Foundation Spaarndam took place in 2020.   
Curious about the whole story? Check out the video bellow (in Dutch): 
(Repost via Spaarnwoude Natuur en recreatie Een kijkje achter de schermen in Fort Benoorden Spaarndam - Nieuws - Spaarnwoude) 

Video: Uitleg van de conserveringswerkzaamheden in het Fort Benoorden Spaarndam
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