Call for Abstracts- The 8th International Architectural Finishes Research Conference


Press release, 7 October 2022


Call for Abstracts for 8th International Architectural Finishes Research Conference


In the spring of 2024, the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands together with Koninklijk Instituut voor het Kunstpatrimonium/Institut Royal du Patrimoine Artistique (KIK/IRPA), SRAL -The Conservation Institute, Vrije Universiteit Brussel and University of Amsterdam will organize the 8th Architectural Finishes Research Conference: an international conference on finishes of built heritage.


During four days, professionals within the field of architectural finishes will share new developments about interpretation, conservation, documentation, and handling architectural finishes. Whilst exchanging new developments in the interpretation, preservation, documentation and management of historical finishes, common grounds are sought which lead to mutual understanding between the various participants. Thus creating a professional and strong cohesive global Architectural Paint and Finishes Research community.


Call for Abstracts

The organizing committee calls professionals and students from the field of architectural finishes research to send in abstracts for papers about their (research) projects or experiences. These can cover subjects such as painting material and techniques, the standardization of architectural finishes research, the influence of international trade on finishes of built heritage over the centuries, or the influence of measures to manage climate and environment. See Call for Abstracts- The 8th International Architectural Finishes Research Conference | Monuments | Cultural Heritage Agency ( for more information about the call for abstracts and the criteria.


Deadline for the admittance of abstracts: 1 January 2023. A scientific committee will select papers that are to be presented by the author(s) during the conference in 2024. Furthermore, these selected papers will be published in a pre-prints series.

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