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Retouching Modern and Contemporary Painting Surfaces


SRAL has the pleasure to invite Rachel Barker to give a three day workshop on Retouching Modern and Contemporary Paintings to young professionals and mid-career conservators.


Date: April 28 to 30 2020

 Language: English

 Maximum Participants: 20



The workshop will provide an overview of materials and techniques that can be used to retouch modern and contemporary painted surfaces.

The topics will include:

-   An introduction to the retouching of modern paintings

-   Materials for retouching unvarnished modern paint surfaces

-   Case-studies: retouching challenging modern paintings including the retouching of Rothko’s ‘Untitled, Black on Maroon’

-   Interviewing artists

-   Law & Restoration: the restoration treatment of modern and contemporary paintings


The three day workshop will mix aspects of theory and practice, allowing participants to put into practice theoretical concepts addressed in lectures. A variety of retouching materials (commercial colours, pigments and binders) will be explored in order to reflect on comparative scenarios faced by conservators retouching modern and contemporary artworks. The participants will be encouraged to bring problems from their own practice with them in order to find solutions for individual cases. Round-table discussion sessions will be used to provide further insight and illustrate case studies.

Rachel Barker is an accredited conservator specialising in the conservation of modern and contemporary paintings. She worked for Tate, London for twenty years before leaving in 2018. During this time Rachel was involved in a number of high-profile projects namely the conservation of Agnes Martin’s ‘Morning’, the restoration of the vandalised Rothko ‘Untitled, Black on Maroon’ in 2014. This restoration received widespread recognition and the project won the Anna Plowden Award for Research in Conservation in 2015. Most recently Rachel was a project conservator for the Nanorestart Project during which she undertook the treatment of Roy Lichtenstein’s ‘Whaam!’

Rachel’s research interests include examining ethical approaches to conserving modern and contemporary art, research of the conservator’s role in ensuring appropriate viewing experience for works of art and preserving surface nuance in modern paintings.


Workshop fees:

Standard: € 550.00

Deadline for registration: 15 March 2020

Workshop fees will include lunches.

Registration forms are available at info@sral.nl and www.sral.nl

Numbers are limited to 20 participants and are allocated on a first come basis.

Discount hotel bookings are available (at own cost) at Townhouse Design Hotel only through SRAL. Travel costs are the responsibility of the participant

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