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Solvent Workshop – 15th -17th February – National Museum, Stockholm, Sweden, Gwendoline R. Fife ‘Modelling solvent behaviour, solvent effects on paint films, and the practical ramifications’

Quotes from participants:

'We enjoyed every minute of the workshop and the lectures and found them inspiring and rewarding' Troels Filtenborg, Senior Painting Conservator, National Gallery of Denmark
‘So much learning and so much fun!’ Malin Borin, Konservator/Conservator, Göteborgs konstmuseum, Göteborg Sweden
‘Fantastic workshop’ Loa Ludvigsen Painting Conservator, National Gallery of Denmark
'Very inspiring and motivating’ Krister Eliasson Painting Conservator, SSM

Held at the painting conservation studios of the National Museum in Stockholm, Sweden, the aim of the workshop was to support practitioners in their practical applications of solvents. The results of investigations into the effects of organic solvents on artist paint films are potentially highly beneficial in developing our conceptual modeling and understanding of paint films, and the possible negative effects from solvents. However, applying these theoretical findings to practice can be challenging. From a conservator’s perspective, examining how the magnitude of these solvent effects can be influenced by our solvent choice, techniques and practices is a pertinent focus, and was the central tenet of the workshop.

The workshop provided the following lecture components:

  • The fundamentals of organic solvents and the published models used for describing solvent behavior.
    • Research findings regarding organic solvent effects on paint films.
    • Recent findings regarding the ramifications: can these effects be influenced by adaptations in our solvent use?

These were followed by discussions covering experiences and opinions regarding solvent choices and application, with practicals in solvent selection and application in varnish removal testing on museum paintings.

Many thanks are extended to the organisers and all the participants for their interest and enthusiasm!

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