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About SRAL

The Stichting Restauratie Atelier Limburg is a defining institute specialising in the conservation and restoration of paintings, sculptures, historic interiors and contemporary and modern artworks. Research, consultancy and education courses are also part of SRAL’s domain.

The interdisciplinary collaboration between our various restoration specialists and researchers provide an integrated approach to conservation issues. This diversity under one roof, to which now a comprehensive analytical laboratory has been added, makes us unique.

From (art)historical heritage to museums and private collections
In addition to our core mission - the conservation of the (art)historical heritage in Limburg - we work for Dutch and foreign clients such as the Rijksgebouwendienst (Government Buildings Agency), the Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel Erfgoed (Cultural Heritage Agency) and Dutch museums. Church Associations, semi-public collections and private clients are also welcomed by SRAL. 

International collaboration
SRAL works in close collaboration with other international research and education institutions, such as the University of Amsterdam, Maastricht University and the European Network for Conservation- Restoration Education ENCoRE.

Avenue Céramique Maastricht
SRAL is established in the the Wiebengahal on Avenue Ceramique in Maastricht. In the next-door Bonnefantenmuseum is our public viewing studio, where you can follow the restoration of key paintings live.


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