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Lydia Beerkens

Dr. Lydia Beerkens, Senior Conservator of Modern and Contemporary Art


Luuk Hoogstede

Panel Paintings Conservator


Stijn Lenaerts

Conservator of Paintings, Historic Interiors and Polychromy
SEM-EDX analyst


Kate Seymour

Head of Education


Bianca van Velzen

Senior Conservator of Paintings, painted objects and Gilt Leather


Gwendoline R. Fife

Senior Paintings Conservator and Researcher


René Hoppenbrouwers

Artistic manager


Jos van Och

Head of Conservation


Bascha Stabik

Paintings Conservator


Nico van der Woude

Senior conservator of Historic Interiors


Siska Losse

Administration, Internship Coordinator



Angelique Friedrichs

Senior Conservator and Researcher of Historic Interiors


Claudia Junge

Senior Conservator of Historic Interiors


Arnold Truyen

Senior Conservator of Polychromed Sculpture and Painted Objects
X-ray Specialist


Hans Schalken

Directory board, chairman a.i.


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