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Collaboration with universities
As an educational institute SRAL works closely together with the University of Amsterdam on the Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage course. The postgraduate restoration program offered by SRAL was in 2005 integrated into the University of Amsterdam. Other universities such as Maastricht University, Ghent University and Radboud University Nijmegen offer related courses, however, these are more focused on art technology and scientific research.

Internships and work experience
Furthermore, the SRAL studios offer internships and work experience for recent graduates of similar training programmes. In the past 26 years more than 200 young professionals from all over the world have been part of SRAL. In cooperation with foreign organisations SRAL also organises training courses and workshops abroad,such as India, Russia and Singapore.

For museum employees and collection care managers
For museum staff and collection care managers of, e.g. church buildings a special course has been developed regarding preventive conservation.
Furhermore SRAL also sees itself as a platform for international conferences and symposia in the field of conservation and restoration and art technology.  

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