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Seminar Contemporary Art Conservation in practice: New approaches in decision-making, treatment techniques and the collection care for modern art by Lydia Beerkens, 4th - 6th April 2018 at SRAL Studios

The seminar was a great success! One of the participants shares her experience in a short report.


The material given in the seminar is directed towards the latest developments in this field.

Lectures on:

  • Contemporary materials and techniques in the art production
  • Different ways of decision making
  • Ethics and aesthetics in the (conservation)treatment of modern art
  • Strategies for a tailored (specific?) approach per Art Movement (kinetic art, Zero art, Arte Povera, Outdoor Sculptures etc.)
  • The artist’s involvement and guidelines for daily practice 

Platform discussion:

  • on conservation issues and case studies from the participants

Practical sessions:

  • Recognising plastics in your collection
  • The Artist Interview as a tool in conservation


  • A local artist studio
  • Public Art route Maastricht

The seminar will consist of a series of Lectures, a Platform Discussion and Practical Sessions lead by Dr. Lydia Beerkens, Senior Conservator Modern and Contemporary Art at SRAL. In addition, a visit to a local Maastricht artist will be organised for the group. The seminar will also include an outdoor session (weather permitting) discussing issues relating to outdoor sculptures in public spaces.
Lydia Beerkens is a leading researcher and practitioner in modern art conservation, and has worked in this field for museum and corporate collections for 20 years now. She teaches, lectures and publishes internationally and is involved in various research projects.
This three-day workshop focuses on the theory and practice in conservation of modern and contemporary art, a relatively new specialisation within the field of art conservation. The workshop will discuss major themes such as decision making, ethics and aesthetics, the role of the artist through a varied selection of cases from the studio practice including topics as plastics conservation, preservation of kinetic Art, The Artist Interview as a tool, on the cleaning of Zero artworks, and Sculptures in public space.

Aim/Who can participate:
There will be 18-20 places available for:

  • Young and Mid-career conservators in modern art conservation.
  • Collection managers and Curators in Contemporary Art.

Call for case-studies:

The participants are welcomed to bring in case-studies from their own practice to be discussed during the platform session on conservation issues.

The workshop language is English.

Seminar fees:
Seminar fees will include lunches.

Registration forms are available on the SRAL website and should be returned to info@sral.nl by 1 March 2018.

Discount bookings for accommodation at Townhouse Design Hotel through SRAL.

Registration sent to info@sral.nl by 1st March 2018. Applicants will be selected on relevance of their daily working practice in the field of modern art conservation. Applications will be informed by 31st March 2017 of their place.                                                                                                                                                                                                       


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