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The Indian Conservation Fellowship Program (ICFP) is pleased to announce the call for applicants for the Fourth Year of the project.

The Deadline for applications will be 1st November 2018. Selected candidates only will be called for interview in December 2018 (dates to be decided). 
The fellowships are designed to broaden the experience of conservators currently working in art and cultural heritage Museums and institutions in India. The fellowships will be for a period of 3-6 months each with 6-8 fellowships awarded annually over a 5 year period, with the first year’s fellowships beginning in the fall of 2016.
The Stichting Restauratie Atelier Limburg ( SRAL), Maastricht, the Netherlands:
- Paintings and Historic Interiors Conservation
The Metropolitan Museum of Art (MMA), New York, USA:
- Objects Conservation (sculpture, objects, furniture, musical instruments and archaeological materials)
- Paper Conservation
- Textile Conservation
The Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, Smithsonian Museums of Asian Art, (FG):
- Paper Conservation
Applicants must be a conservator with daily responsibility of the care of objects to apply. Fellows must be Indian citizens and should have strong knowledge of spoken and written English. Preference will be given to conservators at a relatively early stage of their professional careers (approximately 3-8 years conservation experience) and employed by museums of other institutions in India concerned with the study, conservation and display of the country’s artistic and cultural heritage. Candidates must be employed at their current institutions for at least 3 years on the date of application. A good knowledge of conservation principles and basic academic background in conservation practice and artists’ materials is expected.
Each fellowship will be for a period of 3-6 months. Accommodation and living expenses for food and other items during the fellowship period will be covered. It is expected that the applicants’ salaries will continue at their home institutions as specified in the employers’ statement requested below. The fellowship will include support for travel to the host institution as well as research travel for conferences, seminars and visits to other conservation laboratories or cultural institutions. Health care coverage, visa expenses and costs for residence permits are also covered. At the end of their fellowship, fellows will be able to purchase tools, equipment and supplies for use at their home institutions.
Further details are included in the attached brochure.
Applications will be accepted only via the following portal: 
https//appizehive.com/appform/login/indian conservationfellowship
Please follow instructions provided in the attached brochure.
Indian Conservation Fellowship Program Brochure
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