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Research and treatment of the Mirakeldoeken from the Amsterdam Museum

The 'Miracle' tüchlein in the Amsterdam Museum was painted around 1515 by Jacob van Oostsanen. From an originally larger composition, eight painted fragments survive. These are of particular historical interest because they are very rare early paintings on canvas, and because they depict a scene of great significance to the city of Amsterdam. The fragments illustrate a 14th - century miracle that has been commemorated annually in Amsterdam with the so-called Silent Procession for centuries.
The pigments and the bindingmaterial, the weave count of the canvases, and traces of previous stretching methods and treatments, as well as their history of use were carefully analysed.
In cooperation with Lynne Harrison from the National Gallery, London, technical comparisons were made with the two 'Tüchlein' paintings from the National Gallery.
Following this study, important insights have been gained into the original and subsequent form and function of the tüchlein.
The research was conducted in close consultation with the curator of the Amsterdam Museum and an external commission.


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