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The Fife-Solvent-Star

The Fife Solvent Star - assessing, documenting and sharing solvent tests in conservation practice for safe, efficient solvent use and the application of sustainable solvents in our field - just published in The Picture Restorer https://www.bapcr.org.uk/the-picture-restorer/ and now freely available here on SRAL’s website. For the publication see below: The Solvent Star: Assessing and documenting solvent selection

With solvents essential to many art conservation treatments, our initial small tests are critical for determining those safest for a specific artwork. Yet until now we have lacked a straightforward way to quantify, document and share these results. In the short white paper below Gwendoline R. Fife describes the simple star procedure and diagram she has developed at SRAL - The Conservation Institute, and distributes through her workshops for this purpose. 

Before using: please see the attached article, how-to-guide and solvent list.

After using: your completed star(s) are much appreciated – please send to g.fife@sral.nl

The Solvent Star: Assessing and documenting solvent selection*** ***Fife Solvent Star pdf *** ***SRAL solvent list for Fife Star*** How_to_guide_Solvent_Star

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